Friday, January 1, 2010

1/365 Happy New Year!

The first day of 2010! A whole year successfully photographed and blogged and now onto a new year.

Here's one of the first photos of the evening - our friend Charles and Aubrey who joined us for NYE.

Aubrey and Charles

And our first portrait of 2010.

First picture of us in 2010

We began our day (after sleeping in) with brunch at First Watch. It's a great little cafe with chains all over the country. I'm not a breakfast person, but I love this place.

Here's my sleepy husband perusing the menu


My favorite (so far) - Eggs Benedict. I got mine with sliced smoked turkey and tomato with avocado on the side

First Watch Menu

Doesn't it look good????

Eggs benedict

Matt got a Reuben with a salad

Reuben w/salad

Afterwards, we got into our first (and hopefully only) car accident of the year. A woman rear ended us going about 5 mph. No one was hurt, but it did knock one of our lights out and it no longer works. Here's hoping we can get it fixed quickly and cheaply.

Here's hoping it's our only accident of the year

And because I'm loving playing with my nifty fifty, here are a few ornaments from our tree



This was a gift from my family - SO generous. Talk about great expectations!!!!

The start of something new...

The start of something new...

The start of something new...

The start of something new...

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