Saturday, November 28, 2009

332/365 Christmas at Epcot

What a day. It began with car trouble for my father. A couple of hundred of dollars in repair later - it was solved. As if that wasn't enough of a hassle, due to the repairs taking way too long, we were late for our lunch reservation at Epcot and had to travel there in separate cars. There was a very quick run through the park by David and Matt to make sure we got the table they were holding for us and Dad didn't get there for another hour still, but finally we all made it.

Luckily we had chosen to have lunch at the German restaurant Biergarten and it was buffet style. So we had plenty of time for everyone to have some delicious food. The Christmas show was wonderful too!

Epcot Germany

Then it was off to the Candlelight Processional. Our guest speaker was Isabella Rossellini

Candlelight processional

Then we wandered around the worlds, enjoyed some hot chocolate and listened to the story tellers.

Here's the family in France.

Family in France

We even got to meet Father Christmas in England.

Father Christmas with Us

Father Christmas with Mom & Dad

Us in the UK

Then we played around in the gift stores.

Matt as Santa Mickey

Mickey Santa Matt

Mom in front of the pretty trees

Mom at Epcot

Us in front of the pretty trees

Us at Epcot

I love how pretty the Christmas ornaments are

Disney ornaments

They are so creative too!

Disney Ornaments

Here are some pictures while we were waiting for the fireworks show to start

Epcot Tree

Epcot Tree

Epcot Tree

(Side note: After the show, we saw a young couple get in engaged in front of that tree!)

Finally it was time to get ready for my FAVORITE Disney Fireworks show - Illuminations! I love it so much, especially the holiday version with Walter Cronkite. Of course, it was the first show since his death this summer and I cried in remembrance.

One of my favorite pictures from the show

Epcot Illuminations

I love how dramatic the opening is!

Epcot Illuminations

Epcot Illuminations

Epcot Mosaic

Peace on Earth everyone.

Epcot Illuminations

Friday, November 27, 2009

331/365 S. Family

I had the privilege of photographing this great family today. With both kids in different colleges, it's hard to get everyone together. Luckily everyone came home for Thanksgiving and they were kind enough to give up some of their time on vacation so their mom could get the picture she wanted.

Thanks guys for being so cooperative!

If you are interested capturing this moment with your family, contact me for a session. There is still time available before Christmas. You can leave me a message my Facebook site or check out my website.

S Family (18)wtmk

S Family (10)wtmk

S Family (14)wtmk

S Family (15)wtmk

S Family (4)wtmk

S Family (11)wtmk

S Family (1)wtmk

S Family (6)wtmk

Thursday, November 26, 2009

330/365 Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We celebrated with family, fun and LOTS of food. The day began with a delicious breakfast and ended with yummy pies. In the middle we had great appetizer, LOTS of turkey and good time.

The morning began early. We needed to get the birds out of the brine and get breakfast in the oven before the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade began. The birds (yes, plural) soaked in Alton Brown's (recipe found here). We did two birds, one 19 lbs and one 11 lbs. The big bird was roasted, the smaller one was fried. We also did nearly a dozen turkey legs that were smoked on the grill.

Bird in the brine

Bird in the brine

The Wonder Cat was THRILLED to have my family here. He adores my parents and doesn't quiet understand that they don't live here. He loves the attention he gets while they are here and spends weeks looking for them after they leave.

Dad and Owen

Our breakfast was The Pioneer Woman's Blueberry Baked French Toast - so good! Recipe can be found here.

Breakfast - Blueberry French Toast Bake

Breakfast - Blueberry French Toast Bake

Breakfast - Blueberry French Toast Bake

Then it was time for the bird to get hot.

The Bird

The Bird

Some of my cute Thanksgiving towels

Thanksgiving towels

We had plenty of appetizers to snack on all day while the birds were cooking away

Thanksgiving Appetizers


Mom grabbing a pickle


Matt is still dreaming about the salami


Owen kept himself out of trouble by nesting into the grill cover we stuffed under a table. He made his own little Wonder Cat burrito

Wonder Cat nestled in tight.

The table set up

Thanksgiving Table

The food!

Thanksgiving dinner

The Wonder Cat enjoying an after dinner drink.

Wonder cat having a drink

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

329/365 Bokeh Lights

Holiday lights, done bokeh style

Bokeh lights

Bokeh lights

Bokeh lights

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

328/365 Poinsettias

A trip to Lowes gave me a chance to capture their lovely poinsettias






Also did a library drop off today