Monday, July 12, 2010


Today was the viewing and wake for Joan. It was also the first time the entire family was together in the same place. Matt's brother Mark was in Chicago when Joan passed away and he couldn't get back until late last night. It did give him the unique opportunity to visit the places he was born and raised in - all the kids were born in Chicago and the family lived there until the 70's.

Today was a mixture of laughter and tears - as the previous few days have been. It began early (even with the late night before hand) because life still happens. People still need to go to work, cars need to go to the mechanic and the monotony of the death business needs to happen. Linda had to go to the cemetery to authorize what needed to be done, Matt and I needed to deliver his mom's clothes to the funeral home.

Sleep has been hard to come by. Especially for Matt.

One of the hardest parts of tonight was the viewing. It just wasn't her. She was gone. The reality of that slams home where you are face to face with the person that just isn't her anymore.

Memories to keep:

The love and kindness of our friends and family who sacrificed their time to be with us at the viewing. Thank you all.

The inability of so many people who work in Miami to pronounce the name "Parets" correctly.

Joan being such a tight ass about rules that her Moose friends took the opportunity to vent about it at the viewing!

Glitter flower banners.

Joan buying us all dinner together.

Here are some of the flowers that people sent. Words can't express how lovely they were and how much it meant to us.

Funeral Flowers

Funeral Flowers

Funeral Flowers

Funeral Flowers

Funeral Flowers

Funeral Flowers

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