Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Today I buried my mother in law.

Today sucked.

It was really hard and full of sadness.

I don't want to have to go through this again for a long long time. Watching my almost 8 year old nephew bravely help as a pall bearer until he was crying, just about broke my heart. Holding my husbands hand as we cried together - hurts. Walking out of the church sucked. There just aren't prettier words for it.

There were some moments of laughter though, there always are with this family.

After the funeral, we gathered together at my parent's house. We spent hours looking through old family pictures and it was completely awesome. Jack played in the pool, we had a ton of food, we laughed and cried and told so many stories. 

Things to remember with a smile

"Yoann", "Yoan" and "Jo-Ann"

Crop dusting

"We look like refugee children!"

"Who wears short shorts? Mark wears short shorts!"

Morbid humor

Images from the day


Matt,  Mark and Linda take a flower

Libby takes a flower

Flowers from Anna's family

Beth, Jack and Emily

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