Friday, July 9, 2010

The last day before 189/365

I'm blogging these about a month late. I'm post dating them so I don't mess up my organization, but there is a big surreal factor. Why you ask? Because the reason I'm a month behind on blogging - the sudden death of my mother in law. She has been ill, but we were expecting a recovery, not this.

These were the last pictures I took of what is now forever known as "Before". She died a few hours after these were taken.

They aren't anything special. In fact - they are really quite sub par. That's because I had just driven into Miami for  what felt like the hundredth time that summer. I was there to visit my mother in law and pick up my husband who hadn't been home in a month. He had been in Miami for weeks - visiting with his mom every day. Since she had recently been moved out of the ICU into a regular room, he was going to come home for a few days. We were leaving the next day, so I just went out the back yard and took a few quick pics.

A quick picture of my husband


Aloe flowers


Yard art

Yard art

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