Saturday, July 10, 2010


Today, early in the morning while she was resting, Joan Parets died.

My husband's mother, my mother-in-law, my friend died.

We found out when Linda, my sister-in-law, called this morning.

This wasn't supposed to happen. She was getting better. We were actually getting ready to go home - the first time a month for Matt.

But things change.

Today has been a day. There is no go to "how to handle with a parent dies" list. The practical stuff was already in motion - most of those decisions she helped make a long time. Thank you for that Joan, not having to worry about if you wanted a funeral or where you wanted to be buried took away some of the burden.

But there was still much to do. Flights to arrange, plans to make, clothes to buy, tears to shed, meals to eat and family to meet and grieve with.

I only touched my camera for a few moments today. I went outside a few hours after hearing the news to get some fresh air. Squirrel met me outside and spent a few moments with me. My mother in law loved animals, so I took this a message from her. Some love and comfort on an impossibly hard day.





Rest in peace Joan.

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