Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Carla and Shayne are married!

I had the privilege of capturing this beautiful couple. They went through a lot to get married - the day of the planned wedding day the bride was in the hospital having emergency surgery! But love prevailed, she recovered and they married soon after. Since their original wedding plans flew out the window, they didn't have a chance to capture the day in photos. So when they came to visit her sister on their adjusted honeymoon, we spent some time at Bella Collina in Montverde together. You can really tell how much they love each other!

Carla and Shayne mosaic

The bride and her sister
S&C Wedding IMG_9569-1

S&C Wedding IMG_9417-1

S&C Wedding IMG_9426-1  S&C Wedding IMG_9433-1

The bride is a florist, so she designed and created her bouquet herself!
S&C Wedding IMG_9440-1

S&C Wedding IMG_9555-1

S&C Wedding IMG_9557-1

S&C Wedding IMG_9467-1

S&C Wedding IMG_9474-1

S&C Wedding IMG_9475-1

S&C Wedding IMG_9484-1

S&C Wedding IMG_9502-1

S&C Wedding IMG_9523-1

S&C Wedding IMG_9537-1

S&C Wedding IMG_9545-1

S&C Wedding IMG_9552-1

S&C Wedding IMG_9558-1

They had a surprise wedding shower at the end of our session thrown by her sister!
S&C Wedding IMG_9597-1

S&C Wedding IMG_9574-1

S&C Wedding IMG_9573-1

S&C Wedding IMG_9595-1

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