Tuesday, April 6, 2010

96/365 Hanging out with Charles and Aubrey

During spring break, we got the chance to spend time with Charles and Aubrey.

They recently redecorated one of the areas in their house and transformed it into a zen, meditation room. Love the colorful piles of pillows.

Mountain of pillows

It is American Idol night, and while we've never really watched it - Charles and Aubrey love it. They have been doing theme nights lately. Since the American Idols were singing songs of the Beatles, the theme for this week was bugs. Charles wore his big shirt and decorated with some of his buggy superhero action figures.

Bug night at Charles and Aubrey's

Getting ready for the show to start


Hanging at Charles and Aubrey's house

Charles is taking notes of each performance to blog later... you can read it here.

Charles and Aubrey

Charles and Aubrey

Charles and Aubrey

I was able to sneak in a pedicure during spring break - yay!

New pedicure

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