Saturday, April 3, 2010

93/365 - Downtown Mt. Dora

With my parents in town, we went to explore downtown Mt. Dora. It was a beautiful day and we had a fantastic time.

I love these old buildings - the tile is gorgeous!

Downtown Mt. Dora

Downtown Mt. Dora

Downtown Mt. Dora

I also love how the city has partnered with local business to beautiful with plants and flowers.

Downtown Mt. Dora

Loved this little display

Downtown Mt. Dora

The purple lantana was gorgeous too!

Downtown Mt. Dora

Downtown Mt. Dora

My beautiful mom in front of the lantana

Mom in Mt. Dora

Matt chillin

Matt in Mt. Dora

We even spotted Ashley's corner - for my brother's girlfriend

Ashley's Corner

Really loved this cute little sign

Double Mocha Vodka Valium Grande Latte to go!

To make you think....

Downtown Mt. Dora

Still not sure what this odd little creation is

Antiquing in Mt. Dora

Love the old typewriter


My dad noticed that the sign was posted missing an S. It's completely not there - not just rubbed off, not there.

Leave off the s for confusion!

Mom and Dad in Mt. Dora

Cupcakes in Mt. Dora



Mom exploring Mt. Dora

Later we did some geocaching near Lake Dora

Matt caching in Mt. Dora

Check out this gorgeous wood boat!

Lake Dora

While we only successful on 2 out of 3 caches - we did get a chance to see this very cool sight. A mother and father goose and their nest with three eggs in it!

Here is mama with her nest

Mama Goose and her nest

Mama Goose and her nest

Mama Goose and her nest

The nest
Mama Goose's eggs

Mama and Daddy walking around warning everyone to stay away
Mama and Daddy Goose

We ended up at the Tiki Hut on Lake Minneola for dinner. It's one of the best places to for sunset, the food is great too!

Dad at the Tiki Hut

Sunset over the lake

Sunset on Lake Minneola

Sunset on Lake Minneola

Sunset on Lake Minneola

My dad and mom


My lovely mom

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