Monday, February 8, 2010

39/365 Day 2 in Miami

Second day in Miami and I took two quick pics this morning. This is Sundae cat, who is still a kitten and oh so cute.


This is the cat my family has nicknamed Grandma Kitty. She belongs to a neighbor, but comes over to my parents yard to sun herself in the mornings.

Grandma kitty

Day 2 in the hospital and things are ok. No heart attack, no stroke, no clots. Tomorrow there is a very important test to see if something in his lungs might be malignant. Today we are waiting and glad to be able to do so.

This is the view we had from the window in his room. Thank God for a private room and a lovely view from the 6th floor.

View from the hospital window in his room

View from the hospital window in his room

View from the hospital window in his room

My dad is starting to feel better - as you can tell. He can't stay away from Facebook and work. :)

Dad checking in on FB

He got these socks on Sunday and fell in love. He loves that the gripper stuff is on top and the bottom, so they fit either way. Very cute!

The socks

My mom has been by my dad's side nearly the whole time. She exhausted, worried and stressed, but still so lovely.

Mom waiting in the hospital

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CaneWife said...

Your mom is beautiful.

What touching photos.