Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Since it's Three Kings Day, I thought I'd enjoy just our Christmas decorations just a little longer.

This little guy is one of my favorite snowmen decorations. I found him years ago in an after Christmas sale and he was 90% off. No one wanted him because his arm broke off. But I think he's absolutely adorable and I scooped him up. Now he gets a place of honor along side his two brothers (who have both arms).

Favorite Snowman

More snowmen


Each year I gather the pictures taken during previous Christmas' and display them around the house. Here are a bunch

Christmas Photos

I love Christmas cards. I love them all - the simply ones that say "Merry Christmas" and the photo ones. The ones with glitter and especially the ones were a child has signed their name in big careful letters. I also love how every year they provide a source of colors and designs to enjoy throughout the season.

Christmas Cards

While I took pictures, the Wonder Cat enjoyed a nap.

Sleepy Wonder Cat

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