Saturday, December 5, 2009

339/365 Christmas at Montverde Academy

This weekend Montverde hosted Lessons & Carols. This is a wonderful show of music and art from the students and faculty. The auditorium is full of crafts created by all ages of Montverde's students and there are trees decorated with ornaments from each class.

Here is the Pre-Kindergarten 3 and Pre-Kindergarten 4 tree. The theme is Winter Wonderland.

PreK 3 and 4 Winter Wonderland (1)wtmk

Here is the Kindergarten and First Grade tree. The theme is Color My World.

K and 1st Grade Color My World (1)wtmk

Here is the Second Grade tree. The theme is Colors of Christmas.

2nd Grade Colors of Christmaswtmk

Here is the Third Grade tree. The theme is Complimentary Colors.

3rd Grade Complimentary Colorswtmk

Here is the Fourth Grade tree. The theme is Florida State Symbols.

4th Grade Florida State Symbolswtmk

Here is the Fifth Grade tree. The theme is Optical Art.

5th Grade Optical Artwtmk

Here is the Middle School tree. The theme is Recycled Christmas Cards.

Middle School Recycled Christmas Cardswtmk

Here is the Freshman Class tree. The theme is Marbleized Spheres.

Freshman Class Art Class Marbleized Spheres (1)wtmk

Here is the Sophomore tree. The theme is Spreading Warmth.

Sophomore Class Knitting Club Spreading Warmthwtmk

Here is the Junior Class tree. The theme is Patchwork Art Glass.

Juinor Class Art Club Patchwork Glasswtmk

Here is the Senior Class tree. The theme is Spirit of MVA.

Senior Class Parents Association Spirit of MVAwtmk

Santa's room before his arrival:

Santa's Room

Santa's Room

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