Saturday, October 3, 2009

276/365 A fall day

What a BUSY day! We spent the morning at a corn maze. Being a Miami girl - this was a first for me. I'd seen such things on TV, but never seen one in real life. But there are a few nearby, so we decided to head over and check it out.

Let me just say - if you have never done this, you must give it a try! It was so much fun! Hot and sweaty, but very fun! We went to Long and Scott's Farm in Zellwood - I highly recommend them.

Here mom and I are waiting for our video to show us how to not get lost.

Mom and I

Yes, those are 3D glasses. They had a whole puzzle element to go along with the maze.

The entrance to the maze area

The slide and tunnel

Mom and I walked through the tunnel.

In the tunnel

Matt went down the 60 foot slide. Yes, seriously.

Matt going down the slide

Then went got a glimpse of the maze itself.

Corn Maze

Corn Maze

Look at that poster. The top is the big maze, 6 or 7 acres. Takes more than an hour to get through - and that is for the people who work there and know which way to go.

The bottom right corner is the kiddie maze - only one way in and out and it goes in a wheel pattern. They said it would only take 15 minutes - so Mom and I decided that was the one for us.

Entrance to the kiddie maze

Corn Maze

Matt went into the big maze!

Here are pictures from the tower bridge in the kiddie maze over looking both mazes.

Corn Maze

Corn Maze

View from inside the maze

Corn Maze

Corn Maze

You can see that even in the kiddie maze - the corn is up over our heads!

Corn Maze

When we finished (30 plus minutes later) we headed over the shaded farmers market to wait for Matt.

Farm Market








When we finished that adventure, we headed over the the Winter Garden Musical Festival. It's a huge street festival going on for three blocks in downtown Winter Garden. We caught a preview of Plaid Forever and discovered our friend David Foust was playing with them!

David @ Plaid Forever

After enjoying the music, we wandered around and explored the displays.

We found a vendor selling nothing but Dad shirts! For those of you who don't know what a Dad shirt is - think loud, bright, obnoxious and Hawaiian style. My dad loves them and can be found haunting Goodwill for shirts that others have deemed unwearable.

Wild and crazy shirts

Matt's reaction


Mom realizing that she will be going home with new Dad shirts


After leaving the festival, we explored a little. We saw this guy on the way


We also explored a small cemetery. It's in Oakland, Florida and you get to it by taking a sharp turn off the road nearly down hill. No roads, no parking lot - not even a dirt road. But some of the graves are very new.

I discovered the children's section - heart breaking.

Oakland Cemetery

Oakland Cemetery

Oakland Cemetery

Oakland Cemetery

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CaneWife said...

Beautiful photos, as usual. How long did it take Matt to get through the maze?