Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well - 100 days to go of a photo every day for a year. Bittersweet since I had to take my camera and lens to the doctor today. Yesterday the lens broke - not the glass, but the housing unit. Today I took it in to be repaired (still under warranty thank God) and found out that I need to send both the camera and lens in since they were bought as a unit.


Here's hoping that things will be fixed quickly and my baby will be back in my hands soon.

One pic just before it goes away....

Camera going bye bye

Until it returns I'll be shooting with my back up point and shoot (thanks David! Who knew it would come in so handy?)

A picture of Mac the sweet dog


And the Wonder Cat decided to take a little nap in the dryer while I was taking the clothes out.

Wonder cat in the dryer

Wonder cat in the dryer

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