Sunday, September 6, 2009

249/365 Breakfast and Lake Louisa

With my parents in town, we celebrated with a wonderful homemade breakfast! Matthew made homemade biscuits and fried up some bacon while mom and I got some melons and blueberries ready.

We enjoyed our breakfast on my patio garden. It doesn't look half bad in this picture.

Breakfast spread

Breakfast spread

Lots of bacon


The biscuits. You can find the recipe here.

Homemade biscuits

The completed plate


While we enjoyed our breakfast the kitties chilled out. Owen stretched out all his muscules

The Wonder cat


And Colors just sat looking pretty.


Afterwards, we headed out to Lake Louisa State Park. It's a huge park in our area that my parents haven't been to yet. The day was hot, but the views were great.

The board walk that takes you to the beach on Lake Louisa


Mom looking at the lake. A bunch of people were enjoying the day with picnics, but unfortunately swimming is not allowed this season due to a low water level last year.

Overlooking the beach

I have no idea what this is! It's an orange moth like creature about the size of my pinkie finger.

Dunno what this is

Not sure what this is either. Maybe a salamader?

I think it's a salamander

I think it's a salamander

Anyways - back to the lake.

Lake Louisa

Lake Louisa

Mom and Dad enjoying the view


Mom on deck

Both Mom and Dad



Sunflare through the trees

Sun through the trees

Sun and trees

Sun in the trees

The park has many lakes - this is Lake Dixie

Lake Dixie

And this is who was hanging out in Lake Dixie!

Alligator in Lake Dixie

Alligator in Lake Dixie

Alligator in Lake Dixie

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