Sunday, July 12, 2009


Today was the last morning in Miami and then a boring drive back home.

Before I left town - a few pics from my parents garden. They have a large green house area that my dad made many, many years ago. He built a wooden screened enclousure and spread rocks for ground cover. Back in November, my brother put a few old pumpkins on one of the shelves and then promptly forgot about it. Well, the pumpkin rotted and the seeds dropped down to the rocky ground cover. There is now a small pumpkin patch growing there:

Here's one of my dads lovely orchids:

And another one on it's way:


and more

Finally I returned home. Almost immediately after I got home, we got back in the car and drove an hour and half east to see the Shuttle Endeavour launch. Unfortunately for us - it was scrubbed just a few minutes before take off due to bad weather.

Um - you think? Really? I agree - really bad weather.

Too bad it took us twice as long to get home.

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