Saturday, July 4, 2009

185/365 July 4th, 2009

We began the day with some outlet shopping. Apparently the boys weren't entertained by shopping at found other ways to amuse themselves.

Later we went for a late lunch at a great local place - Yellow Dog Eats. We discovered it shortly after moving here last year. We enjoyed a great lunch there back in August and the it caught fire the very next day! So we were excited that it has reopened and we're looking forward to many great meals there.

One of the unique things about Yellow Dog Eats is the tables and chairs. They are covered with the writings of past customers.

Waiting for our food

My fave sammie - roast beef!

Matt's contribution:

Outside there are some lovely yellow hibiscus growing.

A quick pic with the Now Open sign!

Before heading out for fireworks, we stopped to take a few group pics. My mom got us all matching shirts (we only wore them for the picture!) and we had fun.

Dad and Mom

David, Mom and Dad

The whole family

The family with Anna!

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