Saturday, June 6, 2009

157/365 Cats and cakes and stuff

The wonder cat had a vet appointment this week. Somehow, while there - he injured his tummy. It could have happened when he was protesting the stool sample - apparently he's not a fan of large sticks making friends with his rear end. Next thing we know, there are little blood drops every where.

So they had to shave the area to see what it was and sure enough, he clawed up one of his nipples (why do boy cats have nipples?)

Here's a quick peek at it while he's stretching.

In celebration of the end of Matt's first year of school, I baked a cake from scratch. Chocolate cake with homemade cream cheese frosting, very yummy!

While decorating, we heard a noise on the patio. Turns out there was a squirrel running up the screen! The Wonder Cat was hanging out outside and he was just as started as I was!

A quick shot of the hubs

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