Saturday, April 25, 2009

115/365 Baby shower fun

Today was a lovely baby shower for my cousin's wife. She's expecting their first baby - Jonathan Arthur. She's a lovely mama-to-be and the shower was a lot of fun!

The food was great too!

All three grandmas!

Baby basket full of goodies

This is a baby blanket that my grandmother made for my cousin Brian. It's now been passed down to Amy. Especially lovely since it will be 3 years next month since my grandmother passed away. 

This is an amazing quilt that Brian's stepmother Dorenda made for baby Jonathan. She is really talented. 

Amy is an identical twin - here she is with her sister Melissa. 

More family pics - Amy with my other cousin and her sister in law Tammy

Adorable shower favors

The adorable baby book she got

Very later - we got to meet up with my best friend and her husband for dinner to celebrate her birthday!

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